Advanced Aerobatic Extra 300L

Starting at $595 | 2.5 Hours | Take the Controls!

The Experience

You will be taught the intricacies of competition aerobatics during the pre-flight briefing. Once airborne, you will fly all of the basic aerobatic maneuvers included in the previous three programs. Upon successful completion of these exercises, you will perform a sequence of complex maneuvers, similar to what you would see at an air show or an aerobatic competition. Using an Aresti Card for reference, you will fine tune your flying skills while performing maneuvers such as the Gold Fish, Sawtooth, Spin, Snap Roll, and many other complex shapes as you learn to precisely handle our competition aerobatic aircraft at speeds up to 250 MPH. Endure the effects of pulling up to 6 times the force of gravity and rolling at over 400°/second. This is your chance to be a “World Aerobatic Champion For A Day”, while pushing yourself and our extreme aerobatic flying machines to their limits!

Experience Includes

  • Safety Briefing
  • Flight
  • Video of the ride (top of the line camera setup!)
  • Logbook entry