Fighter Lead In Program (FLIP)

Air Combat Dual Formation

Fighter Lead In Program (FLIP)


Learn the art of air-to-air combat in this comprehensive hand’s on training program to really understand what it takes to be a great fighter pilot. Understanding the concepts of energy management and optimal maneuvering speeds, how to be aggressive but with finesse, how to maximize turn performance (rate vs. radius), how to keep track of the bogey’s energy state while maintaining situational awareness and planning your next move. This is a very exciting and challenging environment to work in. The world of the fighter pilot is yours for the taking. There are no points for second best!

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Product Description

Flight 1:

  1. Full Fighter Pilot Gear: Nomex Flight Suit, Kevlar Fighter Pilot HGU-55 Helmet, “Softie” Emergency Parachute and Maywest Life Preserver.
  2. Pre-Flight Briefing: Classroom lesson with a detailed explanation of how to fly fighters, how to employ air combat tactics and maneuvering, safety and emergency procedures, and how to keep the bogey in sight while aggressively maneuvering the aircraft in a 3 dimensional combat environment.
  3. Formation Flying Lesson: Learn the art of formation while transiting to and from the practice area. (Lead & Wingman flying skills will be taught and performed by each guest pilot)
  4. Air-to-Air Combat Training: Learn the intricacies of real aerial combat. Engage in up to 16 neutral start aerial combat encounters (1 vs. 1) against a worthy opponent.
  5. Aerobatics Demonstration: Learn to fly maximum performance loops, aileron rolls, a Cuban 8, & an Upright Spin following the aerial combat engagements.
  6. Full HD Video of Flight: Each client will go home with the SD card from their aircraft which has amazing HD footage from 3 Cockpit Cameras recorded onto a single 16GB SD card. This is the way we verify and validate each “guns kill” that was made from each aircraft ensuring that the kill was valid, in range, legal and lasting the required 2-5 seconds of pipper on target. “There’s nothing like a minimum range ‘guns kill’ because there are no points for second place!”
  7. Post Flight Debriefing: Detailed explanation of the 8 engagements and the aerobatics demo using models and the HD videos to determine who won each engagement. Bragging rights are established here. The truth is hard to hide in the world of aerial combat, so make sure your shots are clean, solid, and indisputable.

Flight 2:

Take all of the lessons learned from the first flight, and take to the skies one more time for another round of up to 8 engagements. The flight can be an instant replay of the first flight or more advanced maneuvers can be implemented and employed. Each flight can be customized to the preferences and desires of each guest pilot. We strive to take each guest pilot as far as they are capable of going. Are you up for the rolling scissors or do you prefer the nose low slice turn? It’s always up to you.

Intro to Air Combat

Super Phase 1 (8 Engagements)

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