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Air Combat Blog

Extreme Team Building

AIR COMBAT, AN EXTREME TEAM BUILDING RETREAT FEATURED ON CNN.COM featured us in a post titled, “Extreme Retreats: Fire walks and snow survival with your workmates”, and Air Combat USA® is described as:  A “Extreme corporate retreat… designed to build team spirit or put decision-making skills into practice by relocating participants away from the routine of the office and into demanding situations.”  Click Here to Read the Article  So if your looking for a team building exercise that is a little bit off the beaten path, look no further. Or perhaps, you’re maybe seeking a more elite activity for the c-suite executives? Then this article touches on just how Air Combat USA® would take your team to the skies in sleek Top Gun like fashion in Italian military planes for an old-fashioned dog fight.  Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, at the historical treasure filled Lyons Air Museum offers the fix for your Maverick or Goose…