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The Best Aircraft Selected With Realism In Mind

We selected our aircraft with realism in mind. The Marchetti SF260 is a combat ready fighter/trainer. This amazing, fully aerobatic, high-performance aircraft is capable of withstanding the high G, three dimensional, aerobatic environment of the aerial combat arena. We are the only company in the industry to use these aircraft exclusively on our nationwide tour of the United States.

Marchetti SF-260 Aircraft

SIAI Marchetti SF-260

The SF-260 was designed by the Italian Dott Ing. Stelio Frati: SF stands for SIAI Marchetti (builder) and Frati; 260 denotes the hp. The aircraft was certified in April 1966. Twenty-seven Air Forces fly approximatley 1000 SF 260’s and the USAF has considered the aircraft for its new EFS (Enhanced Flight Screener). Less than 100 (some new, some ex-military) have been imported to the U.S. Others have been used as fighter trainers by NATO forces.