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“I’ve never experienced anything like my ‘combat’ session. The pilot of the other Marchetti wasn’t an auto parts guy from New Jersey, he was the enemy. It’s amazing to me how quickly a marketing consultant can change into an aggressor. Splash one auto parts guy on one of the best days of my life. I’ll be back.” – Eric Fischer, New York City, NY

  • Chevron down Refund and Schedule Policy
  • Refunds, less the early cancellation fee may be granted for withdrawals if the Air Combat USA® office is notified at least fifteen days prior to the flight date. The early cancellation fee will also be applied to withdrawals when no flight date has been scheduled. Any flight canceled on the fifteenth day or less from your scheduled flight date will be subject to a late cancellation fee unless the seat can be refilled. The cancellation fees charged for each program are listed below. We have found this policy necessary so that we have enough remaining time to make canceled spaces available to others and the remaining customer has an opponent. Of course, if you refill your own flight opening and receive reimbursement directly from your replacement there is no penalty.

    No refund will be granted for a “no-show”. All refunds must be requested in writing and received by our office within 120 days of purchase.

    No refunds will be granted after 120 days.

    All Programs (For Scheduled Flights Only):

    • Early Cancellation Fee – 10%
    • Late Cancellation Fee – 20%
  • Chevron down Weather Policy
  • Should Air Combat USA® determine, in the interest of safety, the weather is not suitable for flying, priority rescheduling will be granted as necessary. There is no penalty if a flight is rescheduled due to weather. In the event weather results in a request for a refund, the request must be within the 120 days of purchase and the early cancellation fee will be charged.

  • Chevron down Flight Expiration Date
  • All flights must be scheduled and flown within one year of purchase.