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AIR COMBAT, AN EXTREME TEAM BUILDING RETREAT FEATURED ON CNN.COM featured us in a post titled, “Extreme Retreats: Fire walks and snow survival with your workmates”, and Air Combat USA® is described as: 

A “Extreme corporate retreat… designed to build team spirit or put decision-making skills into practice by relocating participants away from the routine of the office and into demanding situations.” 

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So if your looking for a team building exercise that is a little bit off the beaten path, look no further. Or perhaps, you’re maybe seeking a more elite activity for the c-suite executives? Then this article touches on just how Air Combat USA® would take your team to the skies in sleek Top Gun like fashion in Italian military planes for an old-fashioned dog fight. 

Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, at the historical treasure filled Lyons Air Museum offers the fix for your Maverick or Goose aspirations at this fantasy camp for wannabe fighter pilots. Whether it be a couple, best friends or a unique corporate group outing – all receive training before taking to the sky in a SIAI-Marchetti fighter plane under the supervision of a skilled licensed instructor pilot. A popular option for corporate groups is to book the aircraft for the day so they can operate a 10-person knock-out dog fight tournament. 

This is no video game, no simulator, this is a physically demanding team-building exercise opportunity that would never – ever – be forgotten. This experience appeals to the competitive spirits of “Type-A personality” executive, so the question is who will be TOP GUN Maverick? or just the wing man Goose?